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«Company «Honey Artel» Ltd., the owner of the trade mark «Пасеки Киргизии» (Apiaries of Kirgizia), has conducted business since September, 2010. The company produces, manufactures and sells more than 100 tons of the premium class honey from Kyrgyzstan, as well as the important bee products such as: propolis, bee-bread, bee-pollen and other every year.

Real professionals and enthusiasts work in the «Company «Honey Artel» Ltd., putting the great amount of their energy and efforts to deliver tasty and beneficial honey from Kyrgyzstan to final customer. We are dealing with favourite occupation during many generations  – our great-grandfathers (first incomers from Ukraine and Russia) have been the pioneers of beekeeping in Kyrgyzstan since the year 1898. This part of the family history is reflected on the logo of the trade mark «Пасеки Киргизии» (Apiaries of Kirgizia).

Honey of the «Company «Honey Artel» is the premium class honey. Our honey is certified and tested according to the most modern norms – national industry standards, industry standard 19792-2001 (“Natural honey”) as well. This national industry standard GUARANTEES that the honey was harvested only and exactly in the region, indicated in the label.

Our apiaries are located in the most melliferous regions of Kyrgyzstan at more than 1000 metres above sea level: in Issyk-Kul, Kemin, Kegetty, Shamsi, Uzgen, Toktogul, Talas, Naryn.

The peculiarity of our honey is a unique diversity of honey plants, growing in the mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan. And the higher the altitude above sea level, the better healing properties of the honey plants.

We export our products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Middle Eastern countries… During the years of collaboration with our partners we have deserved the reputation of a reliable and trusted supplier of ecologically pure natural honey.

In the scenic countryside of Kyrgyzstan, where the supernal loveliness mountain and valleys are smelling sweet with delicious fragrance of honey plants, there are apiaries of the «Company «Honey Artel». Exactly there, in all of the pristine wilderness, our bees harvest flower nectar, making it into beneficial honey – highly-valued natural product. Our company cares about the health of our customers, offering them only the best things the Nature can confer.

To preserve natural qualities and valuable nutrient elements in the honey, the temperature during the package process at the place of production is not above the one in the bee hive. 



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