Velvety Gourmet Honey
5 декабря 2020 г.

«Velvety Gourmet Honey» is a kind of honey that really deserves to be called a pearl of our honey collection. You will be dazzled with the gourmet honey at first sight as it is of a pearly white colour resembling a natural pearl.  Its taste and flavour will pleasantly surprise those who tried the creation of nature for the first time: so mild, nice, delicate … veeery tasty! Thanks to a fine “creamy” texture the honey simply melts in the mouth baring its nectarian qualities. «Velvety Gourmet Honey» is a delicious item, a VIP food, in a word it is a gourmet honey. Simply velvety honey when seeing and tasting it!

The honey presented under the trade mark «Velvety Gourmet Honey» is gathered in the wildlife mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan. The environmentally safe lands do really give a great opportunity to harvest an amazingly tasty and beneficial honey that is like no other. The honey was gathered from honey plants and shrubs such as: clover, sally-bloom, mint, melissa, thyme, goldenrod and others.

Please note: the colour of the honey of one and the same kind can vary depending on the following factors: harvest region, year and season, as well as climate and keeping conditions so it can be slightly different from the product photos on our site. Thick texture honey (crystallized) is a physical fact for natural honey.

«Velvety Gourmet Honey» Properties:

  • Essential remedy for heart, stomach and liver diseases, atherosclerosis and anemia as well;
  • Prevents from  catching a cold, lasting nerve pains and sick headaches as well as insomnia;
  • Helps to regulate weight in a matter-of-course way as a result of the beneficial influence on the digestive tract.

You must not forget that honey is to be consumed in moderate amounts. Only in such a case it will be a real natural medicine for you.

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